Turning a website developer into the preferred choice in their local market.


Richard started Crosshairs Marketing as a content agency based in Kent, with a focus on written content. The main issue for Crosshairs Marketing was with nicheing down. In most cases, content agencies spread themselves too thing, creating image, video and written word content. Richard wanted to focus on one area, the written word and position Crosshairs Marketing as the obvious choice for financial services, travel, healthcare and marketing.


Whilst Richard and his team had the expertise, knowledge and ability to deliver incredible written content, Crosshairs Marketing was not the preferred choice for their chosen niche.


Lacking an effective positioning strategy was holding them back from being recognised in their niche and by their ideal clients.


An overhall of their brand strategy was needed, with a focus on how to ensure they stood out from the crowded market of content agencies.


We began by evaluating the existing brand, ideal clients, offering, competitors, the industry in the local area and goals.

We analysed their market in order to identitfy any possible gaps in their sector. We identified the best opportunity for Crosshairs Marketing to become a credible and unique solution for their ideal clients.

We took a deep dive into their Addressable market and who they should be targeting, people who need an expereinced agency that knows what they do and that they can trust.

Our initial conversations and research into their existing brand and the industries gaps provided us with the needed direction. Our research into their clients allowed us to align the business to the needs of their ideal clients and what they would value most.

In order to go to market with their new positioning strategy, we developed an activation plan to bring it to life. This resulted in a One-Page Activation Plan that serves as guidelines for them to own their position and appeal to their ideal clients.

As an ongoing client, we continue to act as a consultant for Crosshairs Marketing, helping to create bespoke campaigns to reinforce their market position.


Better, more frequent conversations with the right audience Implementing our strategies has positioned Crosshairs Marketing as the go-to-choice in Kent for written content, and has allowed them to expand their client base to Europe, the USA and Asia. Their clients range from one-person businesses to large companies that trade on the stock market. Including:, Omnisend and FintechOS. ​ *As our relationship developed, we began collaborating on projects and Crosshairs Marketing now serves as our written content supplier.