Turning a website developer into the preferred choice in their local market.


Simon started Hello Simon HQ as a digital marketing agency based in Plymouth in Devon, with a focus on website development. Business was good for many years, but Simon wanted to push the business further. A crowded market in a small area stood between him and making that dream a reality. A simple discovery call led to Scotty.


Whilst Hello Simon HQ had the expertise and ability to develop and deliver incredible websites, they weren’t the go-to-choice for their market. A lack of effective positioning and messaging kept them from becoming the preferred choice, attracting clients that would enable him to take his business further. He was not sure how to be seen by their ideal clients. Additionally, the large mix of competitors that operate within his industry meant that he needed to lean on his uniqueness properly. Simon needed an effective brand positioning strategy to positing Hello Simon HQ as the ONLY choice and push his business to greater heights.


We began by evaluating the existing brand, ideal clients, offering, competitors, the industry in the local area and goals.

We developed a positioning strategy and message designed to attract and convert the right clients.

Next, we refreshed the brand’s visual identity, working with Simon to get the look and feel right.

Once the visual identity was locked in, we worked together to apply it to the rest of the brand, in this case, primarily the website. This showcases Simon’s expertise and is used to drive leads.

Finally, we developed an Activation Plan to bring the new positioning strategy, messaging and identity to life.

As an ongoing client, we continue to act as a consultant for Hello Simon HQ.


Positioned as the go-to-choice for website development in Plymouth, increasing clients by 27%

Implementing on our strategies positioned Hello Simon HQ as the go-to-choice in Plymouth for website development, landing them clients such as Bellas Bakery, Earth Cork, Two Inches Taller Coffee and even helped them to expand to the US with Clarkes of London.

As our relationship developed, we began collaborating on projects and Hello Simon HQ now serves as our web developer supplier.